Ernestine J. Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund

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Students graduating from public high schools in Johnston County, continuing their studies at an accredited college, university, community college, or technical school. Award decisions are based on academic performance and potential and on financial need. (Recipients will receive $1,500.00 per year of study if attending a two-year institution and $3,000.00 per year if attending a four-year institution; this award is renewable for a maximum of four years. Recipients must submit a current transcript annually to renew; to be eligible for renewal, recipients must maintain a full course load and remain in good standing as defined by their school. Recipients who transfer to a four-year institution after study at a two-year institution will remain eligible for funding after transfer.)

Local Contact

Ms. Kelly Lee, Program Officer

Due Date

March 15, 2024

How to Apply

Apply by using the NCCF Universal Scholarships Application in the NCCF Scholarships Portal