Harnett County Home Builders Association Scholarship Endowment

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Eligible applicants are students who will be entering their freshman year at a four-year college or two-year technical school or community college. Preference may be given to applicants who are immediate family members of a Harnett County Homebuilders Association member, those students pursuing a career in a construction-related field and to those attending college, community college or technical school in North Carolina. A “construction-related field” as referenced in the previous sentence shall include but is not limited to the fields of drafting, engineering, carpentry, electrical, plumbing or studying to become a general contractor. Applicants will be evaluated based on an essay, report card and letters of recommendation from non-family members about the applicant’s intellect, leadership, work ethic, creativity or other traits that reflect the good character of the applicant.

Local Contact

Ms. Lucrecia Jackson

Due Date

March 15, 2024

How to Apply

Apply by using the NCCF Scholarships Portal