John E. Cooper, III Memorial Scholarship Endowment

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Applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent; be an employee of the Mast General Store or the son/daughter/stepson/stepdaughter of a Mast General store employee; maintain a “C” average in high school, community college or junior college of a four-year institution; and show proof of acceptance to a community college, junior college, or a four year institution.

About John E. Cooper III and Mast General Store

Ten years after Mast General Store owners John and Faye Cooper’s son, John Cooper III, died in a car accident in 1989, store employees initiated a scholarship in his memory. John Cooper was a senior at Western Carolina University when he died. He had been studying political science and criminal justice and had planned to become a highway patrol officer.

“John Cooper III was a people magnet,” says Sheri Moretz, storyteller for the company. “His personality made him popular in high school, and his work ethic made him a successful athlete. He competed as a football player and wrestler and used his physical fitness to serve all of us as a member of the Marine Reserve.”

The scholarship, which is administered by the North Carolina Community Foundation, is one piece of Mast General Store’s legacy of community care and connection. NCCF is proud to be part of that legacy. NCCF handles the administrative side of the scholarship, while our Watauga County affiliate board of advisors is responsible for the selection of the scholarship recipient. Read more about it.

Local Contact

Ms. Shari Williamson, Program Officer

Due Date

March 15, 2024

How to Apply

Apply by using the NCCF Universal Scholarships Application in the NCCF Scholarships Portal