Brittany Rowland

Our next NCCF scholar spotlight is Brittany Rowland, who is a recipient of the James Albert Wood and Lee “Teddy” Nichols Scholarship. She is currently a freshman at Western Carolina University majoring in health and physical education.

Brittany chose to attend Western Carolina because of the close proximity to her home and the beautiful location nestled among the mountains of the western part of the state.

Brittany plans to become a physical education/health teacher after graduating from WCU and learning everything she can from their prestigious teaching program. She has decided on this profession because of a very special teacher she had in high school who genuinely cared about the students and their physical health. Brittany believes PE is a great way to stay healthy and make meaningful friendships. She hopes to be able to bring that love of activity to her future students.

The North Carolina Community Foundation wishes Brittany all the best as she finishes her first year at WCU!