Catherine Cepin

A 2023 graduate of Smithfield-Selma High School, she is now attending Duke University.

Cepin was awarded both the Alpha Beta Chapter Scholarship and the A.G. and Connie Glenn Scholarship. She plans to pursue a degree in mathematics and a career as a teacher. She is also interested in arts and music and hopes to participate in Duke’s marching band.

“Throughout my life, I have consistently interpreted myself to be the underdog. I constantly pushed myself to meet and exceed people’s expectations of me, pushing myself to surpass my own boundaries in the process. Upon receiving support and faith from my teachers, I was able to recognize my own value and maximize my potential. I consider this to be my “why” as a leader- to give opportunities to the underdog. This is another facet of why I decided to pursue teaching in underprivileged areas – to assist those who need it the most in their own pursuits for success.”

2023 NCCF Scholar Catherine Cepin in cap and gown