Erin Pannell

The last student in our Scholar Spotlight series for academic year 2014-2015 is Erin Pannell from Robbinsville. She is a recipient of the Laura Phillips Memorial Scholarship. She graduated from Robbinsville High School and now attends Tri-County Community College.

Erin is paying her own way through college, so scholarships like the Laura Phillips Memorial Scholarship help. Still, cost remains a factor and contributed to her decision to attend Tri-County Community College. This school also allows her to stay close to her family, which is her major source of support.

Erin is a first-generation college student and is highly motivated to succeed. “The fact that no one in my family has graduated from college has influenced me greatly,” she said. “This experience motivates me to keep going and reach goals that my family wasn’t able to reach.”

She also has a lot of pride in her academic performance, and rightly so! “The challenge of getting good grades influences me because I feel wonderful and proud knowing that I am doing so well in school.”