Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis is a graduate of Cleveland High School and will be attending Campbell University in the fall.

Davis, a recipient of the Ernestine J. Williams Scholarship, intends to study cybersecurity and minor in music. He aspires to open a business that provides cybersecurity services for both major companies and the everyday Internet user.

Growing up, Davis found it challenging to fit in and find his place amongst his peers. After being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, he realized that following a process and repetition was the best remedy for him. As a result, he found a passion for marching band and connected with others. The repetition of practicing and the body motions from playing drums has helped him find new ways to channel Tourette’s and have better control. Davis is also a full time Praise Band drummer at his church.

“Words cannot simply express my gratitude enough. I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life. I intend to excel in the cybersecurity field, be eligible for a competitive internship and continue to apply these skills after graduation. If you’re ever at a Campbell University football game, look out into the marching band. I’ll be in percussion performing!”

Matthew Davis, NCCF Scholar