Seth Eller

Seth Eller is a graduate of West Wilkes High School and is attending Wake Forest University in the fall.

Wake Forest University was always Eller’s dream school and felt after touring the campus that WFU was where he was meant to be. “Though I toured many institutions, none felt as much like home as Wake Forest,” said Eller.

At WFU, Eller plans to pursue a career in medicine and focus his studies in health and exercise science. “I am excited by the fact that Wake Forest is highly esteemed for their science programs, but I am most excited to be exposed to all the diversity and experiences in and out of the classroom that Wake Forest has to offer.”

Eller expressed his gratitude for receiving the James E. and Violet A. Carson Scholarship.

“I am so grateful to be selected a scholarship recipient,” said Eller. “Thank you, donors, for supporting a cause that allows students the help they need to fulfill their dreams. I hope one day to be able to contribute in the same way.”

Seth Eller, NCCF Scholar