Trevor Todd

The next student in our Scholar Spotlight series is Trevor Todd from Wilmington. Trevor is a recipient of the Joseph and Elsa Flower Davies Teacher Training Scholarship. He graduated from Topsail High School and now attends the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he is majoring in elementary education.

Trevor enjoys being active and hobbies include running, riding his bike, kayaking and paddle boarding. He also enjoys working with children. “I love working with kids, and I do everything that I can to work with them and help them succeed,” he says.

Trevor’s long-time goal was to become a pediatric nurse until the tenth grade, when he started teaching Sunday school. This ignited his passion for teaching. “Once I experienced how it felt to educate young minds, I knew that was what I wanted to do for a career,” he said. “I still teach Sunday school at that same church, and can’t wait to teach in a school.”

Trevor is grateful for the Joseph and Elsa Flower Davies Teacher Training Scholarship and hopes to do his best after he graduates to educate the young minds of tomorrow.

NCCF Scholar Trevor Todd