Ret Boney

Interim Director of Community Investment

About Ret

Ret Boney is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience working in and supporting the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors in North Carolina and beyond. Most recently, she has provided a variety of consulting services to foundations here in her home state of North Carolina.

Prior to that, Ret served for almost a decade as Executive Director of the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers, a membership association for foundations. For eight years, she covered the charitable world throughout North Carolina and the U.S. as Deputy Editor for the Philanthropy Journal, dissecting and explaining issues and trends that impact nonprofit staff, boards and supporters. Before her move to the nonprofit sector, she worked in both the private and public sectors. Ret has served philanthropy nationally as a board member of the United Philanthropy Forum, holding the positions of Vice-Chair and Governance Chair.

A native of North Carolina, she has a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill.