Navigating the Online Fund Portal for Board Members

The Online Fund Portal offers easy access to your NCCF fund information and provides a convenient, reliable and secure way for affiliate board presidents and treasurers to view quarterly fund statements and the grant history of your affiliate foundation’s unrestricted endowment.

It is protected by your own unique log-in information. To update your User ID/email address or password, email

Below are some brief descriptions of the information that you can find on the Online Fund Portal.

Navigating the Portal

This tab displays your affiliate fund’s current balance, remaining spendable balance and fund advisors, as well as an overview of recent grants.

This tab shares the history of grant distributions from the fund by organization or in chronological order. The Grantee Summary section lists distributions to organizations in chronological order. The Grants section lists distributions, the date they were made, status, and grant recipient.

This tab provides access to your quarterly fund statements, listed in chronological order by year and quarter. Click “Print” to view the statement. Follow the steps below if you would like to print it.

This tab logs you out of your Online Fund Portal account.