Chairman’s Challenge 2016

We are thrilled to bring back the Chairman’s Challenge for its fourth year in a row. We’re continuing the Challenge’s pivotal mission to help build affiliate foundation’s community grantmaking funds to continue to meet local needs.

This effort is making a difference. Over the last three years, nearly $900,000 has been raised for grantmaking in communities we serve across the state.

Every gift made to a participating local affiliate’s community grantmaking fund in November will receive a proportional share of a challenge match made possible through the generosity of several anonymous donors.

We invite you to support a local community close to your heart through the Chairman’s Challenge. See participating affiliates below.

How can you support the Chairman’s Challenge?

  • You can give online by clicking here.
  • You can write a check and mail it to NCCF’s Chairman’s Challenge, 3737 Glenwood Ave., Suite 460, Raleigh, NC 27612. Please note the affiliate you are supporting in the memo line.
  • Many residents in areas served by an NCCF affiliate foundation will receive letters and/or emails about the campaign, with self-addressed envelopes and information on how to give.
  • Local news and social media may also carry information.

Why is this important?

  • Local dollars stay local. All contributions to an affiliate’s community grantmaking fund support that community’s needs.
  • The people who know a community best – our affiliate board members – decide how these grants will be allocated, working to best leverage resources.
  • Helping your community’s local grantmaking capacity grow gives you an opportunity to help build long-term sustainability and to effect real change.

Participating affiliate foundations



Northern Piedmont


Coastal Plain North

Coastal Plain South



In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the Robeson County Community Foundation has opted to raise funds for disaster relief. Click here to learn more and support the Disaster Relief Fund.