Harris receives Lewis R. Holding Philanthropic Leadership Award; Craven County affiliate receives $10,000 for community grantmaking

Tyler Harris, a former Craven County Manager and a member of the advisory board of the Craven County Community Foundation, this week received the Lewis R. Holding Philanthropic Leadership Award from the North Carolina Community Foundation.

Named in honor of NCCF’s founder, this award is presented to an advisory board member of one of NCCF’s 53 affiliate foundations who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, embodies the community leadership role, and is dedicated to encouraging and increasing philanthropy in their community.

Tyler Harris, a member of the advisory board of the Craven County Community Foundation, is the 2023 recipient of the Lewis R. Holding Philanthropic Leadership Award.

The Holding Award recognizes those with the ability to guide fellow board members in growing the affiliate and is a convener of community. Reflective of Holding’s role in founding NCCF, the recipient shall demonstrate vision and vitality, commitment and determination, selflessness and strength and generosity.

“Tyler cares deeply about his community, philanthropy and the success of Craven County,” said NCCF President & CEO Jennifer Tolle Whiteside. “He’s thoughtful in his approach and asks the right questions – even the tough ones. He always does what he says he will do and puts the success of the Craven County Community Foundation at the forefront.”

Harris, who also served as the Community Liaison Officer for Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, has served in various roles on the Craven County Community Foundation’s advisory board, serving as a member, grants chair and president. He also serves on a committee of NCCF affiliate leaders that advise the statewide board of directors.

The award was presented during NCCF’s 2023 Affiliate Forum held in Raleigh on April 26. It comes with a $10,000 gift to the Craven County Community Foundation’s community grantmaking fund from the Lewis R. Holding Philanthropic Leadership Fund.

“Lewis Holding’s effort to establish a network of philanthropic support in North Carolina’s rural communities was visionary,” Harris said. “I’m honored to receive this recognition and touched that CCCF will receive additional dollars for our grantmaking fund to support the nonprofits in our community.”  

Steve Wangerin, immediate past NCCF board chair, presented Tyler Harris with the 2023 Lewis R. Holding Philanthropic Leadership Award.

About the North Carolina Community Foundation

The North Carolina Community Foundation is the single statewide community foundation serving North Carolina and has administered more than $217 million in grants since its inception in 1988. With more than $440 million in assets, NCCF sustains more than 1,200 endowments established to provide long-term support of a broad range of community needs, nonprofit organizations, institutions and scholarships.

NCCF partners with a network of affiliate foundations to provide local resource allocation and community assistance across the state. An important component of NCCF’s mission is to ensure that rural philanthropy has a voice at the local, regional and national levels.

About the Craven County Community Foundation

The Craven County Community Foundation is an affiliate of NCCF. Founded in 1991, it is led by a local volunteer advisory board that helps build community assets by creating permanent endowments, making grants, and leveraging leadership and partnerships – all for the benefit of Craven County.

Each year, CCCF holds a competitive grants program using dollars from our community grantmaking fund and board-advised funds. Because advisory board members live and work in Craven County, they can leverage resources to help meet local needs and access opportunities. To learn more, visit nccommunityfoundation.org/Craven.

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