New Ways to Promote Your Affiliate

As head of communications for NCCF, I have a front-row seat to all the wonderful philanthropic work being done by our affiliates, fundholders and nonprofits across the state.

From what I see, there is no shortage of good work happening in our communities. Our affiliates made nearly 500 grants last year, providing over $1.1 million in direct local resource allocation and community assistance. That’s a lot of positive news to share and we need your help in sharing it!

We understand, however, that you are busy. Being involved with your affiliate board is one of many hats you wear, so we are trying to make it easier for you to share the work of your affiliate.

First, we have enabled social share buttons on all pages of our website. These are buttons that allow you to share any page on our website quickly and easily through email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as shown below. We hope our affiliates take advantage of this feature when we post press releases to our website that publicize when grant cycles are open and those grants are later awarded.

How to use the social share buttons

The social share buttons are located near the top of each page. 

If you click on the envelope icon to share through email, the title of the page and a link will appear in an email message in your default email client. If you click on one of the three buttons allowing you to share to social media, it will open a new window where you can add your own post at the top (red rectangle below using Facebook as an example).

I encourage you to personalize any post with additional information for people to learn about your affiliate. Be succinct and focus on any action you want someone reading your post to take.

When you are finished, click the post button. (This will vary slightly by each social network.)

Social media graphics

We also have created graphics you can use with your social media posts when your community grant cycle opens and when your affiliate awards grants. Including one of these graphics will help bring greater attention to your posts. You can download these from the Affiliate Board Portal and include them as part of your social media posts.

We hope you find that these new tools make it easier and faster to share information about your affiliate, particularly when community grants are available, or they are awarded. We appreciate your efforts to promote our collective good work!

If you have any questions about how to use these tools, please reach out to your community leadership officer.