Scholarship season is underway!

NCCF is administering 130 scholarships for students across North Carolina for the 2014-2015 academic school year. High school guidance counselors, parents and students have been searching scholarship providers for available opportunities since early this year.

This link on our website provides information about the scholarships our fundholders have established and can help get you started if your research has just begun or is still underway!

NCCF's focus on scholarships will continue to grow, according to Leslie Ann Jackson, NCCF director of grants and scholarships. NCCF's scholarship program was recently highlighted by the National Scholarship Providers Association. The website profile included mention of our emerging program for first-generation scholars.

NCCF also helps publicize our scholarship recipients. Tools are available on our website that scholarship winners can use to announce awards to their local news media. And we also use our own channels to spread the good news. Brittaney Rea, NCCF's grants and scholarship specialist,  writes mini profiles of many of our scholarship recipients, like Ebbony Hanson pictured on the home page news feed. Our latest NCCF Scholar profiled is Brittany Rowland. We hope you have met these impressive students as we post information about their awards and where they are attending school on our website and social media channels. This link will take you to all the profiles we've posted for this academic year and also provides an entry to the Scholar Spotlight archives.