What it is

The North Carolina Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund was established to help address needs in the aftermath of a disaster within our network area and state.  Examples of disaster for purposes of our fund include but are not limited to weather calamities such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods; industrial accidents; or acts of terrorism.

How it works

NCCF’s statewide grants committee has the authority to activate the fund, evaluating several factors, including the disaster’s severity, impact, community need and availability of adequate resources. The grants committee determines the most effective and equitable means to distribute funds based on the need and scope of the disaster.

NCCF encourages contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund at any time, with targeted resource development activities also following specific disasters. All monies raised by NCCF are distributed through grants to eligible nonprofit organizations providing assistance to disaster victims. NCCF does not charge any fees for administration of the Disaster Relief program or grant distribution and encourages the same waiver among recipient nonprofit organizations.

Specific grants allocations are decided by local boards of advisors who serve NCCF’s affiliate foundations in the disaster areas. This decision-making process ensures that those with local expertise distribute resources to the nonprofit organizations best suited to meet community needs. Allocation is responsive, efficient and transparent.

NCCF’s Disaster Relief program is primarily designed to address lingering community needs once emergency issues are addressed. However, affiliate boards may elect to grant to first-response organizations if community needs dictate.

How to give

Gifts to NCCF’s Disaster Relief Fund can be made online or mailed to NCCF at 3737 Glenwood Ave., Suite 460, Raleigh, NC 27612. NCCF staff members can also work with business or corporate entities that would like to establish a matching-gifts program for employee giving to disaster relief efforts.

For further information about NCCF’s Disaster Relief Fund, please contact the regional director serving your area or call 919-828-4387.

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