Frequently Asked Questions | Online Fund Access

What if I want to donate to my fund? Can I do that online?

Yes, absolutely! Donating to your fund is not a feature of online fund access, but we do offer several fast, easy and secure methods of giving. Visit this page for a menu of options for online giving. To locate your specific fund to make an online gift, please visit this page.

On the Contributions page, there is a column titled Description, but it is blank. Am I missing something?

Some contributions to funds have notes specific to the transaction, but most do not. Do not be surprised if that space is blank.

I’m on the Grants Request page, and I see where I choose the grantee. Where do I enter the amount of the grant and the purpose?

Once you have selected the grantee, new fields will open up where you can enter additional information, including the amount and the purpose.

Where it asks me if I would like to attach a file to my grant request, what might go there?

Attaching a file is completely optional, and you may never need to use that function at all. Sometimes people like to include information provided by the grantee organization that might give NCCF additional detail about the grant – like a letter or a flyer. If you would have mailed it to us in the past along with your form, you might consider attaching it here instead.

I just entered a grant to be issued, but it doesn’t look like it happened. Do I need to do something else?

Submitting a grant request through the online system does not complete the transaction. It sends a message to NCCF that you would like for the grant to be processed, and we will get going on it. If you’d like to confirm, check the list on the right-hand side on the Grants Request page. Your requested grants will be listed there in Pending status.

Oops! I submitted a grant request, but I think I made a mistake. Can I change it?

If the grant is still in Pending status (check the list on the right-hand side of the Grants Request page), you can click Cancel to remove the grant request.  Then, start over with a new request.

I want to be careful not to spend more than I have available. Will the system stop me from doing that?

The system will not alert you if you request grants totaling more than you have available, but you can track that as you go on the Home page. As soon as you submit a grant request, the Available Cash amount on the Home page will reduce by the amount of the grant request.

I’d like to view my statement online, but the only option to click is “Print.” Is that what I click?

Yes, and we understand why that may be confusing. That is not a change we can make on our end. Thanks for bearing with it!

We will continue to add questions and answers to the list, so if you have a question that is not answered here or in the system instructions, please contact