Navigating the Online Fund Portal for Fundholders

The Online Fund Portal offers easy access your NCCF fund information and provides a convenient, reliable and secure way to manage your philanthropy.

It is protected by your own unique log-in information. To update your User ID/email address or password, email

Below are some brief descriptions of the information that you can find on the online fund portal, which may vary based on your relationship to the fund.

Navigating the Portal

This tab displays your live current balance, remaining spendable balance and designated fund advisors, as well as an overview of recent contributions and grants.

An example of the online fund portal

This tab shares the history of contributions made to the fund in chronological order, including the date processed, name of donor, and the amount donated. You can click on the donor’s name to see their contact information.

This tab shares the history of grant distributions from the fund a) by organization and b) in chronological order. This includes the date processed, status, name of organization receiving the grant, grant purpose, and grant amount. You may also click on the “Export” tab to download a spreadsheet of grants information.

This tab allows you to make grant requests:

  1. You may “choose from previous grantees” listed in a drop-down box
  2. You may “search for other grantees” by typing the organization name into the box
  3. You may “enter the grantee information manually”

Once a grantee is selected, you will enter the grant’s purpose in the “Description” box and the “Amount” you would like to request, then click the blue “Review” button. You will review the request and either click on “Submit Request” or “Edit Request.”

When your request is submitted, our grants team will review it and begin processing or let you know if additional information is needed.

This tab provides access to your quarterly fund statements, listed in chronological order by year and quarter. Select “Print” to view the statement. To download the statement to your computer, select the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner of the page. If you would like to print out the statement, select the printer image in the upper right corner of the page

This tab logs you out of your Online Fund Portal account.

Donating to Your Fund

You cannot make a donation to your fund through the fund portal. However, you can make an online donation to your fund by visiting the list of Our Funds and selecting the Donate button for your fund.