Using the Online Fund Portal

NCCF’s online fund portal offers easy access to your fund information and provides a convenient, reliable and secure way to manage your philanthropy.

The online fund portal launched in 2019, and we continue to hear overwhelmingly positive feedback about its convenience and ease of use. We also welcome questions as fundholders explore and learn about the features and the benefits of the portal. With many users having some experience with the portal, we want to revisit some of the basics, share new tips and answer frequently asked questions.

  1. I’ve never used the online fund portal. How do I log in? If you have not used the online fund portal before, we invite you to register today. Simply email indicating you need online portal access. You may also be able to locate our original email from that email address inviting you to access the portal in your inbox from some time ago. Learn more in these instructions on how to use the online fund portal access for the first time.
  2. I’ve logged in before but I forgot my password. What should I do? No problem! If you remember your user name, you can click “Forgot Password?” just above the Login button to reset your password. If you forgot your user name, please email
  3. How do I see contributions that have been made to my fund? The Contributions tab displays your current balance, remaining spendable balance and designated fund advisors, as well as an overview of recent contributions and grants. Transactions are not instantaneously reflected on the portal. Grants and gifts may take a few days to be processed, and investment activity typically appears three to four weeks after the month’s end.
  4. How do I make a new grant to an organization that I’ve previously given to? The Grants tab within the portal shares the history of grant distributions from a fund by organization and in chronological order. If you plan to make a grant to the same organization, click on the grant in the list and then click the blue “Copy” button. It will replicate the information for a new grant request, and even allow you to make revisions before submitting it.
  5. How do I print my fund statement? The Statements tab provides access to your quarterly fund statements, listed in chronological order by year and quarter. Clicking “Print” first allows you to view the statement on the screen,and then you will need to click the printer image in the upper right corner of the page to print it.

Have more questions about the online fund portal? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions and check out this new information sheet about the portal. If you need additional assistance, please email or reach out to your donor engagement officer.