Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations are well-acquainted with the need to establish stable, predictable sources of income for sustainability, operational and program needs. Many establish endowment funds to protect themselves from decreasing resources caused by economic uncertainty or declines in governmental funding and other revenue streams. 

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund designed to grow over time, returning an ever-increasing amount to the organization as a growing and reliable source of additional income each year. The bulk of the fund remains invested, and only a portion is ever distributed. 

How your nonprofit benefits

Organizations that establish endowments through NCCF enjoy the following benefits and advantages, all for a minimal fee:

Prudent investment management: An individual fund enjoys the advantage of being invested in a larger pool of assets, which can lead to greater fund growth and increased income.  Even modest endowments can enjoy the leverage and economies of scale usually reserved for organizations with multi-million dollar endowments.  The Foundation handles all investment management and oversight, accounting and financial reporting, including an annual audit. 

Stability and responsibility: Having an endowment with NCCF signifies to donors that the organization is serious about long-term financial security.  The endowment offers a permanent income stream that can be distributed or reinvested, while offering assurance to donors that the principal of the fund will be protected.

Marketing support: NCCF can help your organization produce a tailored brochure describing the endowment and provide other ideas and advice for you to obtain publicity and exposure for your fund.

Administrative support: NCCF provides all administrative and record-keeping support related to agency endowment funds, including gift acknowledgments and fund performance reports. 

Major and planned giving expertise: Foundation staff members are available to work with donors and advisors on major and planned gifts.

Effective use of charitable resources: The agency enjoys the benefits of expert service for low fees, eliminating administrative burdens so your organization can focus on mission-related activities. 

How to begin an agency fund

A minimum gift of $25,000 and a simple legal agreement are the first steps, along with a corporate resolution from the agency’s board authorizing the establishment of the fund. 

After the initial gift is made, additional gifts may be made in any amount, at any time.

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