For Professional Advisors

NCCF partners with professional advisors across the state to help your clients achieve their unique charitable goals.

With over 30 years of philanthropic experience, the North Carolina Community Foundation team works alongside advisors to complement your services and help your clients build a personalized charitable giving plan that aligns with their personal values.

Ninety percent of high-net-worth households donate an average of $29,000 annually, and plan to give even more in the future. Charitable giving is a fundamental part of your clients’ lives.

NCCF is poised to accept a range of diversified assets, helping your most sophisticated clients maximize tax benefits and their community impact.

Contact us today with charitable giving questions or to schedule a no-obligation call about your client and NCCF.

NCCF Development Officer Jake Pope meets with a potential fundholder

How NCCF Helps Your Clients

  • Maximum charitable tax advantages through NCCF, a public charity
  • Philanthropic advisors with deep knowledge about the nonprofit landscape and greatest needs in North Carolina and your client’s local community
  • Diverse range of giving vehicles to achieve specific objectives and remain anonymous, if desired
  • Ability to accept and convert illiquid assets to charitable funds
  • Assurance that the donor’s charitable intent will be carried out over time by a reputable charitable expert

When Might a Client Consider Philanthropy?

NCCF partners with you to ensure that your clients make the most of financial and philanthropic opportunities that come with major life events and financial windfall. Whether expected or out of the blue, these events bring new possibilities as well as potential tax consequences for your clients and their families.

“Working with the foundation allows me to provide valuable and creative giving options to my clients, whether they wish to support their favorite local nonprofit organization or church, or provide a student with a scholarship to attend their alma mater. NCCF’s thoughtful and professional approach to implementing their donors’ charitable values results in positive impact in our local communities and throughout North Carolina.”

James W. Narron, Narron Wenzel, P.A.
NCCF Development and Donor Engagement team members meet in NCCF offices

How NCCF Helps Advisors

  • NCCF team available to answer any questions you may have involving philanthropy – not just about NCCF – including questions about the causes and organizations your clients care most about
  • An established, reputable community foundation, NCCF will add value and philanthropic expertise to your already robust client relationships, ensuring your client’s charitable intentions are carried out
  • NCCF accepts illiquid assets, a significantly beneficial service for your client and a business opportunity for you
  • Wealth advisors with a client or group of clients with $1 million or more in charitable funds at NCCF may participate in our Charitable Investment Partners Program and maintain management of your clients’ charitable assets
  • Call us to set a no obligation meeting at any time to discuss charitable planning at NCCF with you and your client

Giving at NCCF

Help your clients experience the joy of giving by connecting to a powerful network of generous North Carolinians who are building a strong and vibrant future for our great state.
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